Our focus is local and influences our marketing techniques to match current trends and demand.

Our approach.

Avenue Homes has a wealth of knowledge about Okanagan Real Estate and exceptional skill with digital marketing and online lead generation. We develop plans with our clients that are unique & effective for each project.

We build online marketing solutions that tap into social media, search engine marketing, site optimization and content marketing.

We create sales leads and manage the client from the initial awareness stage through to the delivery of the lead to the developer.

How we do it.

Our marketing  & lead generation plan is based on complex programs used for large urban developments. For the Okanagan market we have honed these down to fit with the expectations of local developer. We  also manage more inhouse services which provide better value and and advantage to our clients.

Each project has a tailored solution that draws from our knowledge of online media and marketing, old school point of sale techniques and appropriate advertising. We focus in detail on the buyer types and create marketing plans for each demographic.  This can vary greatly when considering an investment buyer versus a first time home owner who works in the tech sector.

Project Discovery

The project's plan is formulated in our discovery work. Here we align the tools and procedures we use with the goals for the project.


Most project come with a concept in place and the challenge is then to refine this and deliver a Brand that fits with the potential buyers. It is a highly creative and fun process.

Project Marketing

A tremendous list of options are available for each project. The final choice depends on the type of units, the location, current demand and the overall goals for the building. Then design & timing come into play.

Launch & Leads

Leads & sales targets vary depending on the builder and financing in place. We can adjust the project plan to drive pre-sales or build brand over the duration of the project.

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