Feasibility Study for Baldy Mountain Resort

The project focuses on a 1/2 acre parcel at Baldy Mountain Resort near Oliver BC. This is the wine capital of Canada and the opportunity exists for the owner to build a small cottage Bed & Breakfast at the local ski resort located 40 km east at Mt Baldy.

While the local winter resort is a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts that would rather not be caught up in the hussle of big resorts the alpine region is also an exceptional spot to beat the heat of the summer months and go for amazing alpine walks and relax in the fresh mountain air.

As there is a severe shortage of accomodations at Baldy Mountain Resort the cottage can expect a booking rate of 80% to 90% during the winter months which leaves the summer and fall as the key focus for the viability of this project.

The project involves construction of between 960 and 1280 square feet. A modern layout is planned that is based on modular construction. This has risen to the forefront for the project for a number of key reasons.

  1. Speed of construction – The plan calls for two to three 40ft containers to be placed on footings.
  2. Container construction techniques provides for an easy and immediate way to create a covered deck.
  3. The steel construction of the containers are well suited for the harsh winter condition received at 5600 ft.
  4. Steel containers can withstand the snow load.
  5. There will be minimal back framing for the addition as the design relies on an open concept with walls required separation the main living area, bedroom and bathroom.

Alternate building choices include modular construction from Horizon North / Karoleena modular homes.

Baldy Mountain Resort is due east of Oliver BC, which is known worldwide as the Wine Capital of Canada. Our best wines come from this semi – desert region of BC. Mt Baldy is approx 40 KM from Oliver and similar in geology to Big White Mountain. The hill is famous for its family friendly atmosphere and back to nature charm. It is a favourite with Okanagan and Boundary region skiers who want to avoid the overcrowding of bigger resorts and get a fill day skiing in without waiting in chair lift lines.

The South Okanagan is attracting more year round recreational activity as the urban population in the valley grows. The new Coast Hotel in Oliver, scheduled to open in the spring of 2018 in one example of the increase demand by tourism in the area.

The Challenges for the project include a short rental season limited to approximately 16 weekends and three major ski holidays. Holidays include

  • Christmas Break – 2 weeks
  • Family Day Long weekend – 3 day
  • Spring Break – 2 weeks

For more information on Baldy Mountain Resort check out their website. SKI BALDY